Richard Spiddrelli






Spiddrelli Crew



Richard Spiddrelli is the jaded, world weary captain of the Titan-Class Cruiser Sawbelle.

Spiddrelli is a man whose lived a life full of painful memories he'd just sooner forget. A former infamous Pirate captain, Spiddrelli was a revolutionary that rebelled against the concept of a world government, claiming that it would quickly turn into a totalitarian state.

Sadly, his former, beloved, crew were slaughered by government agents at the Coup of Soulwisp Valley. The shock left him a shell of a man, who was tried for his crimes and sentenced to death. The details of how he survived his execution are as of yet unknown.

Spiddrelli is now a downtrodden alcoholic, though it seems he drinks for different reasons than to forget his past...


Spiddrelli wields a power to stop local time called Clockbind. To control the Clockbind, Spiddrelli needs alcohol in his system, the more the better. Without sufficient alcohol, he is stopped by the Clockbind along with everything else. However, with alcohol, he can move normally.

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