Judd Heidegger
"Uh, Hi."






Midvale North Asylum


Head Doctor


Gwynn Heidegger (sister), Edwin Heidegger (father)

Judd is the first son of Dr. Edwin Heidegger and current Head Doctor (pun intended) at Midvale North Asylum. After his father's death about a month ago, he has assumed control over the Asylum and it's patients. He and his sister Gwynn are the only staff working there currently (with some clerical assistance from Topaz).

Judd is a grumpy man who has been raised from birth to be a doctor. He knows various techniques that you won't find in any medical books, due to his father's stint as a Field Medic during The 1.0 War. His father learned and has subsequently pioneered the technique of Psydiving and he has been a student of the practice ever since.

He has been obsessed with Robin ever since he arrived at Midvale, and has been investigating his past via old newspaper clippings.

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